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There is a beautiful new salon open in downtown Lancaster, Parlour 158, located at 158 W. Wheeling Street. The salon provides all general hair care services, including waxing! Contact the owner and stylist, Constantina (Dina) Agganis, at (740) 407-1122 to make an appointment today! 
We are excited to announce that Tutu Mommies will be re-opening their store at their previous location, 133 N. Columbus Street!
They are looking for people who make unique items for boys or girls so if you are interested in consignment through Tutu Mommies, please contact them at!
The picture features the start of the mural in the new and improved shop that should be up and running by the beginning of November!
Sign Up for Make a Difference Day


We are the lucky recipients of the 2014 Gannet/Eagle-Gazette "Make A Difference Day" grant, and hope you will join volunteers from throughout the country in community improvements on this Saturday, October 25th. Locally, we will be hanging white lights on our street trees and planting spring flower bulbs as well. More information and the online sign-up form is here, and let us know if you can bring a ladder, extension pole or garden tools.
***Downtown Holiday Decorations Fundraiser***
Through fundraising efforts we have purchased 26 new decorations which will add HOLIDAY SPARKLE to downtown! We are doing one last push to raise money before we  place another order. 

Please consider donating so we can purchase even more!  
Click below to see the new decorations! 

Snowflake                    Donate                        Wreath

Downtown Available Properties
listing now available in map form.
Click here to view and click on symbols for full description of each property.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions about bringing your business here or investing in downtown real estate. Downtown SID property owners, let us know if you have a listing! Call (740)653-8251



$ More Funding for FNB Downtown Loan Program! $


In October of 2013, Fairfield National Bank announced the offering of $1,000,000 committed for loans to property owners and those interested in purchasing commercial buildings in downtown Lancaster. FNB is pleased to announce that the original $1,000,000 has been committed to borrowers and the bank is offering another $1,000,000 available for qualified projects. Qualified projects must include improvements to the exterior fašade, but the projects can also include interior improvements. For more information, contact Scott Reed 740.681.8213

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